Is Human CBD Oil good for My Dog?

No matter what kind of dogs we pet. They are definitely precious companions to us. Do you know that different breeds are susceptible to different diseases? Recently, cannabidiol (CBD), a health food concentrate, has proven that it can alleviate main ailments for many of the symptoms. Although dosages may vary, it works the same for both humans and dogs. Recent studies in biochemistry have uncovered that CBD can function for at least 50 various mechanisms of action as 50 various approaches in the mammalian body.

You can provide dogs with human CBD oil since it functions in the same way which works for human beings. CBD, a class of chemical compounds called cannabinoids, reacts to cannabinoid receptors all over the mammalian body. Since CBD comes from the marijuana plant called trichomes that can work for both people and animals, it is possible to give Organic CBD Oil for Dogs.

Is Human CBD Oil good for My Dog?

The Benefits Of CBD When Administered to Dogs

Inflammation such as swelling, heat, redness, and pain is a general immune response in any mammalian body. When it comes to CBD,  it can work as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Moreover, CBD functions to alleviate the pains and aches connected with arthritis, targeting the pain at the source effectively. A dog is more likely to develop cancer because they can live longer. However, CBD provides dogs with a natural immune system booster that reduces the risk of the development of cancer.

Dogs also like a human being who experiences anxiety for several reasons. CBD comes here to protect dogs from anxiety by interacting with the endocannabinoid system to produce anandamide. With profound effects on the muscular and nervous system, CBD can effectively support in decreasing muscle tremors and spasms.

THE WEIGHT of DOGS REGULAR DOSE (0.25 mg X 1 lb bodyweight) STRONG DOSE (0.5 mg X 1 lb bodyweight)
4 lbs 1.0 mg of CBD = 2 drops 2.0 mg of CBD = 4 drops
8 lbs 2.0 mg of CBD = 4 drops  4.0 mg of CBD = 8 drops
12 lbs 3.0 mg of CBD = 6 drops 6.0 mg of CBD = 12 drops
14 lbs 3.5 mg of CBD = 7 drops 7.0 mg of CBD = 14 drops
16 lbs 4.0 mg of CBD = 8 drops 8.0 mg of CBD = 16 drops
20 lbs 5.0 mg of CBD = 10 drops (1/4 dropper)

10 mg of CBD = 20 drops (1/2 dropper)


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